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Zoom Interview

23 May 2020

Eunice gave a presentation on stick insects during the Global Biodiversity Festival. You can watch it here!


What's in a band?

28 January 2020


Eunice published a new paper in Ecology and Evolution on the function of colour and banding patterns in butterflies.


Lab visit by  Mark Elgar

25 September 2019


Prof Mark Elgar from the University of Melbourne visited the lab and joined us for a field trip!


Fieldwork in Brunei

1 August 2019


Back from another successful field trip looking for phasmids in Brunei!

Image credit: Azlin Sani


Fieldwork in Malaysia

17 June 2019


The team returned from a successful phasmid field trip to Malaysia!


National Geographic Explorer Spotlight

10 May 2019

At the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Eunice presented her research, which is funded by the National Geographic Explorer's Grant.


Image credit: Christiaan Hart and the National Geographic Society


EWHA visit

23 April 2019

Eunice was invited to give a talk on the ecology and evolution of visual signals at EWHA University, Seoul, South Korea. Thanks to Prof Jang and his lab for their hospitality!


Picture courtesy of Prof Jang and the Laboratory of Animal Communication


Fieldwork in Brunei

7 March 2019


The team had a successful field trip in Brunei hunting phasmids!


National Geographic Explorer's Grant

9 October 2018


Eunice received a National Geographic Explorers grant to study phasmid ecology and behaviour in the field.

Image credit: Charmaine Chua/Yale-NUS College

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